Who Are We and How Can We Help?

Discover how Invoice Financing can help you release cash from your outstanding invoices and company assets today.

Our Approach

Liquidity Club began with a view to changing the experience of raising finance for SMEs. We felt brokers had lost their way and had forgotten the client and their experience during the transaction.

The way we do things now is no different – our clients come first but we also treat lenders like clients. By understanding their funding parameters, service requirements and ideal client profile we can make lending work for both parties, starting the relationship correctly and ensuring support in the event of any problems later on.

Our Clients & Partners

Changing the experience of raising finance

Helping clients raise funding for their goals and ambitions; working with funders who share them.


Our integrated solution-led group of companies

Innovation 4 Business is a specialist tax consultancy company that helps to navigate their clients through complex tax arenas.

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Chordis Capital is a new industry-recognised specialist secured lender in the post-Covid world providing finance as it should be; not as it has been.

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Finance 4 Business is one of the UK’s leading specialist brokers for property transactions with combined experience exceeding 250 years.

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Atlas Land & Planning offer specialist land and development procurement and consultancy opportunities across the whole of the UK.

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Walker Doble is a specialist in new homes sales and marketing, providing knowledge and support throughout the residential development process.

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Cape Insurance provide comprehensive and tailored specialist risk & insurance advice to property developers, investors and allied sectors.

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Debrett’s Private Finance advise on all the stages of the business life cycle, helping their clients strategise the growth, funding and exiting of their businesses.

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Lighthouse is a sports concierge company, providing peace of mind and support for players and athletes looking for guidance and finance management.

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Green Liquidity is a specialist finance company that implements tailor-made finance and lease plans for businesses, with a focus on green and sustainable asset investments.

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Trust Financial provide property developers with support in identifying the site, arranging the finance or creating the exit strategy, and can help at any and all stages of their journey.

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