An Alternative Approach to Funding

Is your business experiencing growth or are you simply looking to manage your finances more effectively? Cash flow management remains a key concern for many SMEs and is an important driver for success. Growth requires a steady flow of money as well as a substantial buffer and, as we see with late payments, cash flow is under threat for many SMEs. Even at the best of times, SMEs must be prepared to deal with cash flow disruption to survive and then thrive and so it is vital to review your business strategy regularly and consider whether you have the necessary financial backing to support your business.

Finding finance

Whatever the reason finding the right type of finance can be challenging and stressful. You may have already approached your bank and been turned down or are feeling frustrated by how long things are taking. There are a myriad of funding options out there from traditional loans, invoice finance, asset-based lending to asset finance and it is hard to know the best place to start. That’s where we come in at Liquidity Club.

Let’s talk…

It’s simple to discuss your financial needs with us. We take all the headache out of talking direct with banks and financiers and manage the whole funding process with you from start to finish. Our consultative approach reduces the amount of time and number of meetings spent meeting potential new funders, freeing up your valuable time to focus on running your business. We are a safe pair of hands guiding you through the process.

Tailored solutions

From your first appointment with us we will research your business needs and come up with a tailored funding solution working with suitable funders on your behalf. Clients have described our approach as professional and hassle free with many preferring our face-to-face and hands on approach. We can respond quickly to urgent requests and because our team consists of experienced professionals from financial backgrounds we are well placed to assess the right funder to talk to and present options on what finance structure best fits your business needs.

For a free consultation please contact Adam Simpson on 07983 880017.