More Funders, More Choice

Cheap money driven by record-low interest rates over the last 10 years has left a crowded market for businesses seeking to raise debt finance. We still have the traditional banks and independents, now joined by countless small funds backed by wealthy investors and a growing number of peer-to-peer or platform-based funders.

This creates a problem.

One in 5 businesses don’t where to start when choosing a business current account, loan, overdraft or other financial products for their business.

Even more businesses – nearly 30% – claim the time needed to research the various options in a now crowded market presents a challenge. ​

Our team, with several careers worth of experience in business finance are discovering new solutions regularly – some of which are well advertised and others that are not.

Of course, once a business has decided on a small number of funders to talk to, there are multiple types to choose from – secured, unsecured, fixed-term, revolving – each of which has a number of products within. Unless you are an expert it can be overwhelming.

What is the solution?

Liquidity Club arose from the issues outlined above. We choose to work with a smaller pool of lenders – some established, some disruptive; some banks, some independents. This means we can understand their products, their risk appetite, their client service, and get to know the people who will be looking after the business long-term.

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