We welcome introductions to businesses through our own clients and help them to help their clients if they can't assist them themselves.

Working With Us

Liquidity Club is all about the client, providing a high-quality service and leveraging our experience to recommend and set up a solution for that client’s needs. This fits with a lot of professional services businesses who may have a client base that needs exactly this service. We work with lots of accountants and solicitors, IFAs and wealth managers; even our lenders recommend clients to us if they cannot help them themselves.

With that in mind, we welcome any introductions to businesses that might benefit from our services. We really value these introductions and do our best to help find reciprocal work or pay an introductory fee in return, usually a proportion of our earnings from that introduction.

How To Become An Introducer

We would value the opportunity to establish a relationship and would be delighted to tell you more about how we can assist clients. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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